• CVNTV Network Television

    覆盖39个国家和地区的中国文化传播使者The messenger of Chinese culture covers over 39 countries and regions

  • 中国文化视窗坚持“内容为王、形式创新”的理念,努力为人民提供昂扬向上、怡养情怀的精神食粮,讲好中国故事,传播好中国声音,更好地塑造国家形象。

    CCNTV insisted on “content is king”,provide an enterprising spirit pabulum for people,telling the legend of China, spreading Chinese voices,shaping the national image.

"Carrying a sedan chair" by Xiao Xiangyu, a famous performing artist of Henan Opera

总监制/毕菲 作词/赵籍身 郭文灿 作曲/张一千 姜宏轩 左奇伟 演唱/小香玉 后期/何建平 责编/张琪