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The Best Man Of Making Cheongsam In Beijing ——Ping Lu

【传承】在近几年备受推崇,也慢慢渗透到人们“吃穿住用行”的生活方式中。尤其是“穿”,即服饰,是人们生活必需品的构成之一,它既是社会变迁的一种缩影,又饱含了这个时代传承者的一种态度。[Culture Inheritation ] is highly fascinated in recent years, and gradually penetrates to people’s daily life such as eating, dressing, transportation, accommodation and recreation. Among these aspects, dressing, i.e. clothes, is especially one of the fundamental requisites of life. It not only is the epitome of social changes, but also represents the attitude to life of the culture inheritors of the times.
“闪光的TA们Twinkle”品牌推出了【闪光的TA们】社会人文微纪录片系列,将中国人民在传承中的闪光记录并汇集起来,去讲好中国故事。Our brand, Twinkle, products a series of micro-documentary film on social humanities named [Twinkle of THEM]. It collects and compiles a list of brilliant stories about culture inheritation of Chinese people, and as a whole present compelling China's stories.
既然是传承,追本溯源,中国服饰中最经典的传承技艺,那一定是刺绣;能够作为时代印记中承上启下的中国服饰,那一定是旗袍。中国大多数人对旗袍是没有抵抗力的,旗袍的美,摇曳生姿。Tracing back to the history of cloth manufacturing in China, embroid is the most classical handcraft skill of producing traditional Chinese clothes, such as cheongsam. Chinese cheongsam, as the mark of The Times in the history of Chinese cloth manufacturing, connects the fashion of the old times and that of the modern times. Most of the Chinese people have no resistance to cheongsam, because of its elegant while swinging posture.
因为疫情的关系,我们先把北京作为搜索目标,之前走访了多处比较有名的商业圈,最后锁定在鼓楼的一家致力于做百年老字号的旗袍定制品牌【贵人私服】。Because of COVID-19, the search scope of the first story of our [Twinkle of THEM ] series is restricted to Beijing. After visiting many cheongsam manufacturers in Beijing as candidates, we finally chose a cheongsam brand located in the Drum Tower of Beijing that is specialized in manufacturing private, customized cheongsams. The name of the brand is “GRACEFUL LP【贵人私服】”, and it aims to build itself into a century-old brand in the inheritation of Chinese cheongsam manufacturing.
责编:徐芳 张琪
Editor in charge: Xu Fang, Zhang Qi